Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Congo: Not such a safe place...

If you are a mom reading this, 
I'm sure you can relate.

Do you remember the feelings you had when you were first pregnant?

"I'm so excited to be pregnant!!...but....wait...
do I need to do this now?"
"I've wanted this for so long....but now that it's here, I can wait longer..."
"Do I even KNOW how to be a mom???"
"Will I be a terrible mom?"
"Will my kids hate me?"
"I don't think I can handle going through labor!"
"I'm sure I'll drop him and give him brain damage!!"

 I really hope I'm not the only mom that had those feelings the first time I was pregnant... 
They all went away though.  
I was so happy to be pregnant.
I was so excited to be a mom.
It was just scary...the unknown was scary.

Well, I've confessed to my husband that those feelings were starting to creep up on me with our adoption.

It's new.
It's unknown.
And it's a little scary for me right now.

I'm SUPER excited.  
Things are just getting a tiny bit closer,
a tiny bit more real.

Our girls are in great stages right now!
Things are going great at home!
And I think I got a tiny bit selfish in my thinking.

So I've been praying about it,
and Chris reassured me that he only has 
feelings of pure excitement and joy thinking of bringing him home.

Well I came across an article today that speaks of the current and previous situation of Congo.
It is not good.

It is not a safe place.

Children and adults are not protected very well by their government.

Rape is absolutely rapant.

I will admit that I am not the best expert on the history
and current condition of 
The Democratic Republic of Congo.
I am still learning about the home country of our son.

But this assisted me in realizing my own selfishness.

Our son was born (if he's been born already) in a 
place where there is not enough food or money
to provide for him.

If he stays there, his chances of survival are very slim.
52% of children DIE before the age of 5 in Congo.
52% is a STAGGERING percentage.

Only 1% of children born in America die before 5 years of age.

Will it be an easy road bringing our little son home?

Will it be a piece of cake getting him and our girls
adjusted to living with each other and us?

But Christ did an amazing work for us.
He died.
He suffered. 
More than I EVER will.

I'm pretty sure I can handle some rough months
in order to protect just ONE child from what may 
happen to him without an
adoptive family. 

So I needed to share.  
And maybe assist anyone with their apprehensions about adoption.

We haven't gone through it yet, but we will, Lord willing.
And I can't wait to share this journey with anyone reading!

If you have a second, you can read the article here.
Also, follow Compassion for Congo on Facebook here.  
That's who posted this article.

Anyway, long post today.  
Just needed to share from my heart :)

Still getting ready for our fundraiser!!  
July 8th!
Church at the Cross
Pine Grove, CA
Q&A with Co-Founder of Compassion for Congo,
Dunk tank, lunch, and some handmade items for sale.
All profits go to our adoption fund!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Waiting....

So our home study is COMPLETE!
Now we enter a waiting period.  We understand there will be lots of these along the way, so I need to learn to be content with them.  And I do understand that this waiting period is short....sometimes I just feel that I need to actively DO something to get our son here quicker!!
We should receive the home study report in the mail tomorrow, and then we can file our I600A with immigration!!!! 
HOWEVER, we do not currently have the funds to do so.  The cost is $890, and we only have a small portion of that saved.  
Instead of borrowing, we have decided to wait.  Our fundraiser is coming up on July 8th at our church.  We are praying that we'll at least receive enough to send off this form.
The reason we're so anxious to get this part done, is because once it's filed and complete, we will be MATCHED with our son!!! We'll get to see his face!
So we're praying for His providence....we know He will provide.  In the meantime, He WILL provide us with peace and I need to rest in it and be content.  
So that's the latest little update for now!!
If you're interested, our fundraiser is after the service on July 8th.  It will be a large salad bar and Paul from Compassion for Congo will be giving the message that morning, as well as providing a Q&A at the lunch.  We also were just informed that the Women's Ministry will be putting some Teagles into a DUNK TANK!!!  Big surprise to us!  So if you want some food, info about adoption, and would like to see Chris in a dunk tank, then join us! 
Always praying for our son...
Goodnight for now!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Compassion for Congo Video!

This is a video that was played at the benefit dinner we attended in April for Compassion for Congo. 
It is a little lengthy, (15min) but it gives alot of info as to the background of the ministry and how it works.  There are testimonies of families that have already adopted through Compassion for Congo!

If you have a few minutes...or 15 of them, please watch!
Click here to watch it on YouTube! 
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