Monday, June 17, 2013

Pastor Didier!

We finally got to meet
Pastor Didier
last night!!!!

What a treat!
We went over to a sister church of ours
for their pastor's ordination service.
We didn't realize that Didier and judge Punha would be there!

We were able to talk with Didier
alot about Tobias.
It was so neat for us to learn
more about his character.

I hope I don't sound like I'm rambling,
but I want to share!

Didier started out by saying that
Tobias is a really really GOOD boy.
He doesn't get into trouble.
He's very gentle.
In fact, if he's crying because someone
else hurt him,
he won't even tell the adults
what happened because he doesn't want to
get anyone in trouble!

He's very protective.
He lives with two babies right now.
Both are under 6 months I think.
(I THINK...not positive)
He is very protective of them.
Didier said we'll be surprised at how
much he wants to protect our little ones :)

This is so cool for us because we always
loved the thought of having our oldest be a
that way he could protect all his little sisters.

Well, obviously God gave us a little girl first!
We LOVED having Joy as our firstborn and she always will be.
But now she'll have a brother very close in
age to protect her and her siblings!
Love it!

Didier repeated how good of a boy
Tobias is and told us
he knows we will really really
like him.
Not just love him, but like him.
He also repeated that we will be
surprised at his character.

Everyone at the compound notices his intelligence
and his character.

He said if they tell him to do something,
he will make sure to do it EXACTLY how he was told.

As I've mentioned before,
the process (which will probably be different for us)
involves Didier taking the children to
Kinshasa for their passports and visas.
Then they return to the orphanage
where their parents will come get them.

Well, Tobias was talking with 
Mama Angelique (sweet lady who takes care of the kids)
and said - very slowly of course,
"Mama Angelique, Papa Didier leaves, and comes back,
then he leaves, and comes back...
But I always stay right here!"

This little guy knows he's going to be leaving!
It was so precious to hear his words,
even if we can't hear his voice.

We are told that Tobias has been spending
alot of time with Didier's family,
which is what we were hoping for
considering the only other orphan
there is baby Moses.

He runs around and plays with them all day
and then sleeps in the orphanage.
Didier has a daughter that
is about the same age
so they play together alot.

Didier says he is just an extension
of his own family
and they all will miss him
so so much
when he leaves!

Man, I was trying so hard not
to tear up hearing these things about
our SON whom we have yet to meet!!!

We also really didn't expect such wonderful things!
Not that we expected this child to be a hellion,
but we have kids.
We know how manipulative a 4 year old can be
while at the same time
captivating our love!
So we know kids aren't perfect
and ONLY Tobias knows what he
has been through in the first years of his life.

So to hear what a great kid he is
is just an undeserved blessing.
We understand things will change drastically
for him when he moves home.
But he has his own personality showing now,
and I believe that's part of who a person IS

So in the midst of us talking, Judge Punha was introduced to us
and he remembered our names
as he signed our judgement just two months ago.

He doesn't speak much English, so a friend
was translating from French for us.

But he said to us,
"I want to know if you are going to love this child."
To which our response was,
"Oh my goodness, we already DO!  We've loved him since
we first saw his face!"

Then he said,
"I do not want to hear of you not wanting him
anymore when you bring him home."

We assured him that would not be the case
and we couldn't dream of that happening.

With what I've heard about in Congo...
with all the children there with NO one to take care of them,
it is so reassuring to see this person
who is in their local government,
a Believer in Christ,
and who genuinely CARES for the orphans.

He doesn't want to just match them with parents.
He wants them to be loved and cared for.

We appreciate the fact that he has concern
for our son
and wouldn't allow just anyone to take him
back to the U.S.

That's all I can remember right now!
Our hearts just overflowed after getting this
new information.

We now feel a little closer to Congo.
And even a little closer to Tobi.
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