Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mark Your Calendar!!!

Please keep this date in mind!
The week for our matching grant will be 

Any donations made to our fund at
during that time period
will be MATCHED
with a cap of $1,000.

This also means that if we do not
meet $1,000 in donations that week,
the matching still ends.
We ONLY have that week to get
donations matched.  

Just to let you know what that would mean to us
as far as our financial status goes,
here are some numbers for you.

Right now,
in all our adoption accounts,
we have a total of
We will be able to add $1,000 to that
in a week or so, which will bring it to

With that total, it will leave us with roughly
left to raise.

IF we raise the $1,000 during our match week,
we will get another $1,000.
This will leave us with only
left to raise!!!

$5,400 might seem like alot to some people...
and it IS alot to us as a family.
But compared to what The Lord has provided already,
it's not that much!

What a privilege it is to be humbled by the Lord.
In starting this process,
numbers seemed so daunting.
We have never spoken in terms of
THOUSANDS of dollars
for much of anything in our family's life!
At least not THIS many thousands!!!

So we are so humbled at how quickly the number
has decreased.
We KNEW He'd provide, 
but sometimes we really see our LACK of faith
when He actually provides what we pray for.

Did we REALLY believe He'd give it?
I know He will.

He hasn't given all of it,
but we trust that He will.

So rejoice with us,
pray with us,
and pray about giving during the week of 

We will be sending letters to some
close family and friends 
to share with them a picture
of Tobias and to ask for donations.

We will also be sharing, VERY soon, our fundraiser
that we're planning!

So thanks again for sharing in this
adventure with us.

We can't wait to look back on it all
and be reminded of His faithfulness!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's Think About DONATING!

Exciting News!!!!

We have been offered a MATCHING GRANT!
I shared with you in my last post
that we had been approved for something 
from Lifesong for Orphans.
That opportunity did not
involve any grants or loans.

However, The Lord has provided in another way!
There is an organization that connects
private donors with adoptive families in financial need.
However, they usually are helping families
adopting special needs children, but
The Lord has moved up on their hearts to
open up to a family like us
adopting through Compassion for Congo.

So there is someone out there
(God bless their soul)
that is willing to provide us with
a matching grant.

They have reached out to us
and we are so grateful.

WHAT is a matching grant?
 HOW does it work?
WHEN will the funds be matched?

Well, we basically will have a week to raise
as much money as we can,
and they will double what we raise,
up to $1,000!

If we raise $1,000
they will give ANOTHER $1,000!

We have the potential to raise $2,000 in a week!

They will be using our funding site
to see how much comes in during our fundraising week.

They will literally match each donation
until it reaches $1,000.

So what we are asking is for you to start praying about it.
We will announce the confirmed date very soon,
but it looks like it will be the second week of February.

We ask that if any of you ever had the thought
cross your mind of giving to our adoption/Tobias fund
that this would be the time you choose to do it!

If you can give $10,
it will turn into $20!

If you can give $100,
it will turn into $200!!!

So please keep this on your minds and hearts
as we will be as well!

be ready for a super fun
fundraising event that we'll be having the weekend
before all this starts!!

It will be something you can participate in
whether you're local or far away!
And the money raised will be included in the
matching grant time period.

Once we get it confirmed and approved,
we'll announce it.

It'll be fun ;)

So as always....

You'll be seeing many posts from now
up until this fundraising week!

****Also, little update on Tobi.
The remaining 4 children recently left the orphanage
to go HOME with their forever families.
Apparently Tobias was pretty sad to see them go :(
 So continue to pray for our little guy.
We are told that he is very ready
to go home to his family.
He's got a good few months left,
so we're praying that more children come in
very soon to keep him company!!!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Will it Ever End?

Will it ever end?
This phrase keeps ringing in my ears these days.
We have been given so much.
We continue to receive blessings
and sometimes I wonder....
Will this special time ever end????

We are so thankful for this time in our lives,
although definitely not perfect,
it is FILLED with His blessings!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with our girls,
my parents and siblings,
and Chris's parents and siblings.

Noelle's new baby doll
We had a beautiful time this year
reinforcing the TRUTH of Christmas to Joy and Noelle.
Joy really soaked it up this year and kept
reminding us that,
"Jesus is what Christmas is all about!"
Joy is all about princesses these days...

We had an advent calendar of activities for the
first time this year with the girls.
That was really fun for all of us!

Our Advent Calendar of Activities!  An envelope to open every day!
New Years was a little uneventful for us...
aside from spending the entire day with Joy and her
We've had a cold going through the house for a couple
weeks and just can't seem to KICK IT!

I think it's safe to say that the highlight of our
New Year so far has been meeting the Sockol family.

I have mentioned them before, but not by name.
We met this precious couple
and their 13 and 15 year old grandkids
this weekend.

They have retired,
sold their home, cars, most of their earthly possessions
to move to CONGO
to help with the ministry there!
They will be learning the ins and outs of the
adoption process that currently,
ONLY Didier is able to accomplish.

They leave for Congo on the 22nd of January,
just 8 more days!
We are a tad bit jealous, becuase they will be
hugging and loving on our
Tobi before we are able to!!!

We are again reminded of what a loving place he is in
while he's waiting for us.

The Sockols sharing at our church Sunday morning.

We were so privileged and blessed
to have met them.
This will be their new full time ministry
to the orphans and other people that are in
Lubumbashi, Congo.

We were also able to send some little
goodies with them to take
to Tobias,
as well as some important documents that
Didier will need when he takes Tobias to The Embassy
in a few months!

Almost IMMEDIATELY after we said goodbye to the Sockols,
we received an email with a possible funding opportunity.
We have been put in contact with someone
who coordinates matching grants!
That means that they would double whatever funds we are
able to raise on our own!
(with a maximum dollar amount)
We do not know what will come of this,
but are waiting to hear what might be available to us.

the next morning,
I received an email from Lifesong for Orphans.
We applied a few months ago for an adoption grant from them.
They offer a few different financial resources for
adoptive families.
You can apply for matching grants, zero interest loans,
and just the ability to fundraise through them.

Well we know we were approved....for something.
We received an email saying that we will get a call
from our coordinator letting us know details and what exactly
we were approved for.

So this has been an exciting morning for us!!

Nothing is set in stone or officially offered to us.
But we are seeing things come together
and that is so encouraging to our hearts!

We see The Lord working each and every day in
so many different ways
and we are nothing but thankful and grateful to Him.

For those of you who are curious and have been
praying for our financial situation,
here is where we currently stand.

Total in all adoption accounts: $10,439
Total (approx) left to raise: $8,500-$9,000

The Lord has really provided in some unexpected 
ways for us in the past couple months.

We even had a very special friend
 hand us a $500 check!!!
It is very humbling to know that God lays
our family on someone else's heart
to the point of financially contributing to us!

So we are hoping to be able to make
an exciting announcement if one or both of
these opportunities come through!

If not, we still know that The Lord will provide in other ways.

Thank you for keeping up to date with us,
and as always, if you'd like to help us financially
you can click on the Paypal "donate" button
on the blog
or you can click on the "donations" tab
at the top to make a tax deductible donation.
That will take you straight to our profile at

Thank you for your prayers
and stay tuned!

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