Friday, August 31, 2012



Just received our approval of our 

This means that U.S. immigration has determined that 
we are able and fit to adopt internationally.

it means we can get our referral!!
aka: see the face of our SON!

This is very exciting news for means progress!!

So we've waited for this exact day for a while
because it is the prerequisite for our referral.
 Compassion for Congo also goes by 
who gets their approval in-hand first,
so the quicker the better for us!

So here's how we envisioned this happening:
We receive our approval.
We call Paul frantically trying to meet with him
so we can see who our son is.
We meet with him within MINUTES and 
receive instant gratification :)

Here's how it is happening in reality.
We received approval.
I emailed Paul.
I was impatient, so two minutes later I 
called Paul ;)
We were then informed that Paul was literally 
leaving for Congo in a few days!!
Therefore, no meeting with Paul until he gets back.

I think The Lord is teaching us patience. 

We are excited, nonetheless!
What's neat is that with Paul being down there in our 
son's hometown, there is a chance
he will see him face to face

before we do!

We, however, do not know who is 
available in the orphanage.
We do not know if they will be bringing more
children into the orphanage while Paul is there.

Either way, God has orchestrated things
this particular way for His purpose, the good of our son,
and our sanctification.

Just wanted to share our excitement as we 
finally have the approval we were waiting for!
Step by step!

Also, we are planning a fundraiser dinner at the end of October
at our church.
ANYONE is invited!!!
We'll create a Facebook event so we can have people 
RSVP soon.
We think it will be really fun, and it'll be a nice dinner!

More details about that will be coming soon!

Last thing. 
We saw our little baby today!
(wow, just realized we got to see our baby AND got our approval the same day!!)

I am 9 weeks along and the baby is measuring perfect.
It was moving around like crazy!!  
Head is on the left at the top of the pic you can see fingers!
Things are fuzzy in the picture, but we were able to see
fingers and toes!!!  It was squirming 
all over the place.
So precious :)

So rejoice with us as we continue
to be shown His grace in these
everyday excitements!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Announcement!!!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, 
the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one's youth.
Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them."
Psalm 127:3-5

Before you continue reading this post...please re-read the above verse carefully.

God's view of children doesn't exactly match up with our popular culture's.

Children are seen as a blessing most of the time, 
but only to a certain extent.
I mean, HOW MANY children makes a full quiver??

I think it's different for every family, 
but the truth is this:

Children are a REWARD.
Children are an INHERITANCE from the Lord.
Children are like arrows in a warrior's hand.
And we are blessed to be having MORE!

The reason I start with this is because
this is what God has been teaching me 
through His word the past several weeks.

It has been made evident that He is in control
of our family's size, and NOT us!
And we are to be so excited for the children
He brings our way.

That brings me to our big announcement....

I am 2 months pregnant!!
Yup.  Crazy. Scary. Unreal.
But real.
Definitely a surprise to us, as we are 
currently trying to bring our son home from Congo.
And it may actually turn out that both children come home within a couple months of each other!!!
How I sprung the news on Chris :)

So there it is.  We've been holding it in for over a month,
but with a healthy ultrasound
and hearing the baby's heartbeat every day 
on our doplar at home, 
we decided to share the good news :)
7 week ultrasound.  Great growth and heartbeat!
  So as Chris has reminded me,
as long as there is breath,
we praise Him.
I'll fully admit that I was very scared 
when I found out.

I mean, I'm almost can I all of the sudden
have FOUR children???  
I feel inadequate to raise TWO little souls 
at once!

But ya know what....
this is HIS plan, not ours.
The Lord never lets us forget that we 
are NOT in control, and we 
NEED to rest in Him and not on our own understanding.
(cuz let me tell you...I still don't understand it!)

So there it is.  Our big surprise :)
Please continue to pray for us.
We should be able to see our son's face in a matter of weeks now.
It seems like such a long waiting period,
but as you can see, God has kept us busy with other news.

You will now be kept up to date not only with our
adoption progress, but with my pregnancy progress as well!

I pray you all enjoy your weekend!!
I will do my best...with my Seabands on my wrist 
for morning sickness, and saltines beside my bed, 
and my husband who has been an absolute ANGEL in 
helping me through this rough period of pregnancy :)

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