Saturday, April 14, 2012

Home Study

So I'd like to share a little bit of the process of adoption for those who do not know.

Our first step is some preliminary paperwork and interviews with the organization we are adopting through.  This part is just about over.

Our next step is to get a home study completed.  This is something that is new to us but every family adopting in the state has to have one completed.  An organization thoroughly examines our physical, financial, and emotional ability to adopt a child.  We are starting soon, and from what I hear, there is MUCH paperwork to be turned in!
There are also interviews involved as well.
AND the cost is pretty high.

We are expecting a cost of $2,400 for the home study to be completed.  Please pray for the Lord to provide.  We are doing our best to cut out anything unnecessary at home and make a few extra bucks on Etsy (you can visit my shop here).

We also need to obtain an I600.  This is done through citizenship and immigration and it approves us for an international adoption.
It also costs $890.
It also takes several weeks to obtain, so we need to start that very soon as well....
Another expense that we expect the Lord to provide for!

AFTER we have both of these in order, Compassion for Congo can match us with a child.  THAT is what we are anxiously awaiting!!!

We will then start some fundraising in hopes of sharing our desire to bring our child home and reaching out to those who would like to help make that happen.

I know there are lots of logistics written here, but I wanted to share with whoever was curious. :)

So please, as I said, be in prayer for us as we seek diligently what The Lord has heavily placed on our hearts.  If anyone would like to know how they can help, please feel free to email me!
You can also help by spreading the word about my Etsy shop (again the link here)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Compassion for Orphans

This is just what The Lord has laid on my and Chris's hearts as of very recent days.

Chris and I knew we wanted to adopt a child before we even got was just a matter of when The Lord would provide that for us. Well over the past year, our hearts have gotten heavier and heavier with the knowledge of the orphans who are fatherless, and also the Church's call to care for them. Knowing that God has adopted us, unworthy and helpless, we know He has called us to adopt and care for a helpless child and bring them into our family.

We've been researching options the past couple weeks, and by His sovereignty, He has led us to Compassion for Congo. Amazingly, Paul Anthes, one of the pastors on Chris's evaluation panel, actually is director of this ministry. His church planted the orphanage in Congo and it is run by a local pastor and his family along with others. We had no idea of the connection. And another pastor that we know actually adopted their son through Compassion for Congo and we were very touched and moved by the story of his adoption when we heard of it months ago.

So, how all this came about, and being that we actually know the director, we strongly feel this is where God is leading us. They do all the adoption processing right in Placerville. And the cost, although still $9,000 is much much lower than we've seen through other adoption agencies online.

We are excited, nervous, scared, but confidant....just like we were before Joy and Noelle were born! So please be in prayer for us, and we will keep you updated as the process continues.

There is a benefit dinner April 28 that we will be attending. It is to benefit the ministry to these orphans in Congo and I've included the link just in case any of you would like to go. It'd be a chance to learn some more about what we are doing and the needs of the orphans there. It IS $30/person so we obviously understand that it's not something everyone will be able to do. We just want you all to be involved and understanding of what we are currently pursuing!! Here is the link

Galations 4

James 1:27


So, I have never considered myself a "blogger." Nor do I consider myself one now!

But I decided to create this to help communicate information about our adoption.

We are currently trying to adopt a little boy or girl from The Democratic Republic of Congo!

We are in the very preliminary stages with the adoption agency, and are brainstorming on how to afford it!

But I wanted to set this up so that when things start rolling and I want to let all my family and friends know, we can update the blog and you can all have access to it.

We covet your prayers in this matter, as it is a brand new venture for our family which will bring much excitement, change, and force us to step out in faith as the Lord has heavily laid this on our hearts.

Thank you for being interested and I'm more than happy to share if you have any questions!
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