Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Price Check!!

We received some news last night.
This pretty much changes everything we had in
mind as far as travel plans
to pick up Tobias.

Apparently, sometime in the last several
Congo changed one of their adoption laws.
They now require BOTH parents to travel!

I don't know how we missed this change, but we didn't know about it until last night.

Our plan all along has been for Chris to travel by himself.
This was mainly because we THOUGHT that
Tobi would be ready either
while I was pregnant, or soon after having the baby.

Now, we are looking at September.
Jackson will be 5-6 months old when we're ready to travel.
I don't look forward to leaving a baby that young
for a week,
but it looks like God just might have orchestrated ALL
this together!!!

Imagine that!

If Tobias WAS ready to come home earlier, he would
have had to wait until I was able to travel.
But instead, God planned it to where WE have to wait
a bit longer,
but all for the better :)

His ways are much higher than ours.

This will change a lot for us.
I need to get my passport renewed.
Our cost will go up about $3,000 or so.
We will have to leave baby Jackson with someone while we're
gone for 7-10 days.
We have to address the fact that he will probably
need to be weaned by then as I do not know how
keeping up a milk supply would even be
possible in Congo (sorry for all those who think that's TMI).

But I get to meet Tobias WITH my husband!!
I've daydreamed about meeting him as they arrive at the
airport dozens of times.
Now I get to anticipate going through the entire
experience with Chris.
We're very excited!

So pray for us as we plan accordingly.
We'll definitely need to prepare Jackson for
being separated from us for that long.
And I'll need to prepare myself for leaving all
three kids as well :)

We know it will work though,
as HE has planned it out for us already!

So that's our big news!
Thanks again for being in this journey with us!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So we have some news regarding our
other little guy, Tobias!

As we shared before,
we are waiting longer than we expected to.

We were hoping to have him home by May!
But obviously, the Lord has different plans.

Alot has happened recently in regards to
the law and adoptions.

The president has passed a law that will change
the way Compassion for Congo operates.

If you'd like to read about it,
you can here.

But essentially, it will prevent organizations
or people from assisting in
adoptions unless they are "accredited."
C4C is not "accredited" and therefore will not
be able to act as they have been
in placing children with their new parents.

Thankfully for us,
this does not take effect until summer of 2014.
This WILL affect the families behind us
waiting for their children, however.

So we really need to be praying for
Compassion for Congo
and the families that are waiting for children
to arrive to adopt.

We're not exactly sure how things will move forward
in 2014.

things are now starting to move for Tobias :)

We received a call today that Didier
will be working full force starting this week
on Tobi's adoption in the DRC.

Their goal is to get as much done as possible
before Didier makes his trip up
to California in June.

Our prayer is that he can pretty much complete
the adoption on the Congo side.
Once that is done, we apply for an I600
with the Embassy.
We then have to wait for it to be approved
and after, can move forward with getting
Tobias an appointment with the Embassy
in Kinshasa.

After the Embassy appointment in Kinshasa...
he's ready for Chris to come get him :)

our hope and prayer is now that we can
get this done,
and get Tobias HOME
in September.
My birthday is in September...
sounds like a great b-day present!!!

Please be in prayer for this!
We are super excited for things to actually
be put in MOTION!

We've been waiting for this
and it looks like this week, next week
at the latest,
our process will really start.

There's also another little guy that Didier
will be helping.
He's a baby and he will be working on
getting both of our adoptions done at the same time.

We are so very thankful to get this news
and to know that our little guy
really WILL be coming home.

When we wait for something with not much progress,
we're tempted to get discouraged
and think that it's just not real!

But it IS real and our son has been waiting
just as long as we have been....actually longer.

But we also really need to remember
Compassion for Congo
and all the decisions that will need to be made
in the very near future.

God is in control
This is no surprise to Him.
He has it planned out already!

So if any of you moms or dads are reading this
that are waiting to see the faces of your
precious little ones
in the care of this loving orphanage,
we're praying for you.

Try not to be discouraged
and never lose sight of the fact that
Jesus is LORD!
He cares for the orphan!
He has a plan!
And in hindsight...whenever that may be,
we'll all look back and again,
see His faithfulness.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

He's HERE!

Our youngest son is here!
He's home!
He's healthy!
He's beautiful!
WE are blessed!

Two weeks ago, I delivered Jackson Porter Teagle
at 9:58a.m.
He weighed 8lbz 6oz
and was 19inches long.

We tried to keep his name just between our
close family and friends until he was born.
No particular reason except that we share pretty much
everything online and wanted to keep
something special :)

So his name has alot of meaning to us.
My dad's last name is Jackson.
I never had my dad's last name.
I wish I had, but we never made it legal or official.
My dad is 100% my dad,
however we do not share the same blood.
We have a very special relationship that started
when I was 4 and he married my mom.

So the fact that our son can carry my dad's name
when I never did is precious to me!

His middle name is from Chris's side.
Chris's dad's middle name is also Porter!
So we named our son after both our dads.

We love keeping it "in the family"!!

For those of you (mainly ladies)
that enjoy reading birth stories, I'll just give you a
quick run-down.

Friday the 22nd I started having consistent contractions
that were 10 minutes apart.
They started at about 2:00 and hadn't stopped by that evening.

We were at my parents' house for dinner, 
so I gave a quick call to the Dr. since we were in town.
They recommended I come to get checked and we
decided to do so before we drove back home
and put the girls to bed.

I had a scheduled c-section for March 26th already.
If I was in labor, the Doctor would obviously
perform the c-section earlier.

I hadn't dilated anymore than earlier in the week
when I saw my doctor, but my
cervix was definitely "thinning" more.

So he had us stay overnight to get plenty of fluids and see
if there was change in the morning.
There was, I had dilated another centimeter,
so my doctor knew that it would only
be a matter of time that day that I would
go into full hard labor.

So we got ready!
My last picture being pregnant!
The girls were still at my parents' house
and we let the family know
that our little guy would be sharing his sister's birthday!
(Noelle turned 2 that day!)

Everything went very smooth.
This time Chris watched a little of the surgery.
He actually saw the baby's head come out!!
We heard his first cry
and I felt the huge relief of him
being lifted out of me!

Over the next several hours, Chris and I
were again overwhelmed by God's grace.
It never gets old.
The miracle of a life that started inside me
and ended up in our arms
is truly amazing.

Can't get enough of him!
Daddy's first little man!
I forgot how cuddly a newborn is!
Joy, getting ready to take her new brother home!
My recovery from surgery was the easiest of the three so far.
However, I did have a spinal headache from the
spinal given to me before the surgery.
That lasted from Sunday through Wednesday
 and thankfully it slowly subsided by then.

We had some other struggles throughout the week
but the baby was NOT one of them.
He has been beautiful.
He sleeps really well when he's supposed to.
He goes down by himself without rocking.
He eats like a champ.
And he's so darn cute!!!!!

So now we're here two weeks after we met him
and things are feeling almost normal!

Today my brother, Joe came over and took some newborn pics.
I'll share a few here, but there are more on his Facebook page

He did a great job and we're super happy with how they came out!

So that's where our family is right now.
I'll definitely post more about our other son very soon :)

For right now, we are getting used to being a family of 5 before we get the next one!
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