Friday, December 21, 2012

A Humble Plea

So, we have some exciting news!
We now have a new way for people to give
to our adoption fund!!

Up until now, any contributions made to us
have been to us personally and have NOT been
tax deductable.

Well, another adopting mom shared this organization with us.
We now have a way for people to make donations
that are TAX DEDUCTABLE!!!!

This is very exciting for us!
It has come at a pretty convenient time, 
just before the end of the year!

The organization is called Adopttogether.
They are a non profit organization and accept donations for specific adopting families!

We have felt very strongly from
the beginning of this journey that
The Lord will provide for our financial needs.
And He HAS done so in amazing ways!!!!!!!!

This is the first time that we have boldly requested
financial support.

The only expenses we have paid for our adoption so far have been for our home study, U.S. immigration approval, and paying for Tobias's monthly expenses.

However, we are praying that these other precious kids in the orphanage
that are all in their last stages
of this process will be HOME very soon.

Once that happens, work will start on our adoption!

And once that happens,
we'll be making LOTS of payments.

The first major goal that we'll be working towards
is his adoption in the DRC (Congo).
This will cost somewhere around $7,000.
Fees are VERY subject to increase with no explanation
in Congo.

After that will be getting his visa and passport
and that will be another set of fees!

So things will add up VERY quickly,
but we are excited about the idea of

We are sharing this, as I have said before,
because we feel that our readers
have become a part of our lives and
the life of Tobias...
whether you are our family, friends, acquaintances,
or just someone who has heard about us through the grapevine!

So here is our humble plea.
Scripture has shown us that our Father cares for orphans.
(James 1:27)
And He has given Believers the calling
of caring for them as well.

Not all families are called to adopt, however,
and we understand that.

So for those that are not able to adopt,
would you consider supporting us?
Please lift us up in prayer whether you can give
financially or not.

But if you are able to give financially,
your contributions are now tax deductable.

You can visit our site here,
or go to

Also, would you please share this?
 We would greatly appreciate it.
You can also share our profile on Adopttogether
through the links on our page.

There is now a "donations" tab at the top of our blog that will take you straight to our donation site.
I have also added a Paypal "donate"
button on the front page of our blog if you prefer
not to go through the tax deductible route.

We appreciate your love and concern for our family.
We appreciate every person that is led
to read about our adoption
and become a part of our family in a unique way!

Have such a merry merry Christmas.
Please never lose sight of WHY we celebrate
this season.
Even Joy (our almost 4 year old)
keeps reminding us that
"Baby Jesus is what Christmas is all about!!"
I'm so thankful that we have instilled that in this little girl.
Now, I understand....
after she DOES get presents, it may be harder
to remind her of this truth next year. :)

But please don't forget.
Christmas isn't about giving, loving, being with family...
it's about CHRIST!!!!

Now, if it's about Christ and what He has done,
then our only response SHOULD be to
give, love, and enjoy our family right??
Isn't that all a part of being Christ-like??
But HE is the cause.
He is the reason.

May He also be the reason you support us
if you choose to.
Not just because it's nice and "supportive."
But because He has given so much to us already.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Where He Came From

We received more info this week.

Last week I posted that we
received the most precious picture
of our little guy and
spoke with another mom about
how Tobias is doing in Congo right now.

Well soon after that,
the same couple posted
several VIDEOS of Tobi!!!!!!
Wow, we did NOT expect to have such
a glimpse into the little person that he is!

There were also many pictures.
They were so thoughtful to capture these
for all the parents that are here...

So that made our WEEK!
We've watched those videos so many times!
We can't get over how gorgeous Tobias is
and how precious his smile is!
We got to see him look at our
pictures and hear his voice say,
"Mama," "Papa," and "Noelle!"
"Joy" was way too hard for a French speaking child!

we are on cloud nine with these
precious pictures and videos.

And now we have some more information
about where Tobias was before
he came to be at this orphanage.
I'd like to share it with you
(whoever reads this!)
because I feel like many of you
are a part of his little life already!
So here is the information we received:

In March of this year (2012),
a man saw some people gathering around
a little boy outside a church
in a certain village in Congo.

He approached them,
and saw that the little boy was crying,
holding a donut in one hand
and a bag in the other.

He asked the little boy who it was that brought him to the church,
and he said, his "mama"
and that his name was Chrinovic.
(that's his given name, we are changing it to Tobias) 

The man took him around the neighborhood,
but no one recognized him.
He took him to his home for the night,
but he was inconsolable. 
He cried all night.

He did the same thing the next day.
No one recognized our little guy.
He finally looked inside the bag that
Chrinovic was holding and found
a shirt, 2 pairs of pants,
and a note.
It had his full name on it.
That was all.

This is when the man fully
realized that this little boy's
mama had abandoned him in front of that church.
She left him with
a donut, a few pieces of clothing,
and his name.

He was then taken to another orphanage in town,
where he stayed for 3 months.
No one came looking for him while he was there.

After that, he was recommended to
Didier's orphanage where he is now.

He has been there since June.
From what we've been told,
he obviously has been granted peace
that he did not know before!
He is now a super happy little boy!

I can only pray that he does
not remember that terrible night
that his birth mama left him.

I don't know what kind of a life
he had with her,
but I do know that he was frightened
and definitely felt
when he was left.

So that is what we know.
We will probably never know anything
else about where or who he came from. 

We are thankful for what The Lord
has allowed us to know,
and we are thankful for what He has kept
from us.

We are so thankful for those that
have helped bring him
to the loving place he is now
and that they have been used by our
Creator to bring him to his
forever family.
To his new Mama and Papa
that will love him unconditionally
and share the love of Christ with him.

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