Sunday, May 26, 2013


So, I shared recently
that I will now be traveling with
Chris to Congo.
This increases our cost by a few THOUSAND dollars.
(you can read it here if you missed it.)

I also shared that we need to have one
last fundraiser to help raise
the remainder of the funds!

Well, while browsing through some random
adoption blogs, I came across an idea that was


We all love t-shirts and I really
enjoy wearing ones that have a meaning to them.

So Chris and I designed a shirt that
shows where Tobias is coming from,
and shares with others
our heart for orphans.

And whoever has supported us in ANY way
has shown that they have a heart for
orphans as well!
They have "taken up their cause"
or "defended" the orphan
as Isaiah 1:17 tells us to do.

I've included pictures of the front and back 
of the shirts,
or you can see them on the website 
by clicking here.

Do NOT buy the shirt straight from the website.
We receive no compensation from them!
But if you'd like one,
you can order directly through us.

We will order in bulk and pray that we sell
them all!

They will be selling for
$20 per shirt
$75 for 4
and if you aren't local,
I can ship them for an extra $2 flat
(NOT $2 per shirt).

We will also be having a car wash soon
and hope to sell some there,
as well as at our church's Car Show!

So here's how to order.
You can either

a) comment below with your sizes and quantities
b) message me on Facebook or write on my "wall"
c)email me at

We are really excited about these
and think that it's a great witness that
can be used to share with others
WHY we care for the orphans.

And I love that by wearing it,
you are showing that you have supported us!

Now order away!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

He's NOT an Orphan!!

Tobias has parents!

Tobi has been our son since
October of 2012.

But we are now his
legal parents in CONGO!

Didier has obviously been working
pretty hard.
We were told he would try and get this
accomplished by May 19th.
But we received an email last night that on
May 6th the DRC court granted our adoption judgement!

This is super exciting news for us.

The more complicated work still needs to be done
in order to complete the adoption in the U.S.
and get permission to bring him home.

But we are so grateful for this big step in the
RIGHT direction!

So to recap, here's what is left to be done:

-Didier will come to the U.S. for a trip in June and he will bring our adoption judgement with him

-It will be translated to English

-We will send that and apply for our I600 (U.S. approval to bring Tobi into the States)

-Once we get the I600 approval, we will make an appointment at the U.S. Embassy.

-Didier will take Tobias to Kinshasa to get his passport and to the U.S. Embassy there to get his Visa.

-We will then travel to GET TOBIAS!

Simple, right??

Prooooobably not :)

I've been able to follow the last three adoptions
that have been completed with C4C
and each one of them had something unexpected come up!

We've already had that happen and we haven't even
gotten to the Embassy yet!

So, we are definitely praying for 
the least amount of hiccups as possible.

that's our newest update
and we are thanking the Lord for His provisions.

Please continue to pray as we try to raise the rest of the funds needed.
We need between $5,000 and $6,000 now that
I will be traveling with Chris
to Congo.
 (If you didn't read about that slight change,
 you can read it here.)

We need to have one more fundraiser to help us
and we aren't really sure what that will be.
We want to be careful about asking for funding as we
have already received SO MUCH from so many,
especially our church family!

So we're praying about what to do next
in regards to the funding.

One thing we DO know,
is He will provide!!!!!!

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