About Us!

So we're the Teagle family, and here's a little bit about who we are!

Chris and I were married in February of 2006.  I was a bank teller and in 2007 Chris became the assistant pastor at our church.
Our Joyful

In 2009, we welcomed our first baby girl, Joy Lynn Elizabeth.  She brought new meaning to "joy" and we realized what a blessing having a family was!  

In 2011, we brought home our second little girl, Noelle Kristiana.  We soon realized that the calling to be a parent is a very special one.  We witnessed Joy become the sweetest and proudest big sister and we loved having two children!!  

After Noelle was born, the Lord heavily laid on our hearts the desire for me to be home with the girls.  I worked part-time after Joy turned 5 months old, but we just couldn't imagine me being gone with these two little rascals! ;)

So we found a way to make it work and The Lord has GREATLY blessed that decision.  He continues to provide for us and we can't imagine me being away from home!!!

In 2012, our hearts were very heavy with the thought of adoption.  We had ALWAYS wanted to adopt, but felt the financial aspect of things wouldn't make it possible for quite some time.  But we began to research it, and we became attached to our 3rd child before we knew his/her gender, color, or age.  

The Lord led us to Compassion for Congo and eventually to our son, Tobias!  (for a list of adoption updates, click here.) 

In the summer of 2012, while we were well into the first phases of adoption, we found out we we were PREGNANT!  AH!!

That was NOT part of our plan, but it obviously was part of our Sovereign Lord's!

We saw the face of our son Tobias in October of 2012 when we received our "referral."  We have chosen to protect him and not share his picture until he is in OUR care!

We then saw the face of our baby boy when he was born on March 23, 2013.

His name is Jackson Porter and is a little chunk of a boy :)

We have yet to bring Tobias home, as we have encountered delay after delay.  We are praying that it will be soon! 

So....I tried to be brief in filling in several years...not sure if I accomplished that or not!

But that's who we are, and if you have any questions about our adoption, please feel free to comment with your email address and I'd be happy to share!

Thanks for sharing in this special part of our lives!

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