Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello Again :)

Well hello anyone that actually reads my little mommy blog :)

Life has been quite busy lately and it has just made it difficult to sit down and blog.  I think it's mostly because there is SO much that has changed, so much that I WISH had changed, but hasn't, and so much that has physically kept me from blogging!

I'll make this a quick update, and hopefully have much more regular posts from hereon out.

#1.  Noelle is now 13 months into her TSW journey (if you haven't read about that, you can read my most recent post here).  We are just coming through a month long flare and we're glad to see her skin calming down again.

#2. Tobias still isn't home and I still don't have much more information to share on that subject.  I really wish I did.  But The Lord has this in His hands and we are trusting Him!

#3. I am expecting again!  Right now I am just in my second trimester...meaning the last couple months have hit me pretty hard!  Praise The Lord, my first trimester wasn't nearly as bad as it was with my other pregnancies, but I was nauseous, zapped of all energy, and just wanted to curl up on the couch all day!  Blogging really wasn't appealing ;)

I wish I had a belly picture to share, but we haven't got around to taking one!  But let me tell ya....this pregnancy is DIFFERENT!  I couldn't hide it by the time I was 6 weeks pregnant!

Well there's a brief update, and I really hope to be sharing much more frequently now!  I'm feeling great (most of the day...until I crash) and I'm excited about my second trimester!

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